Plan B not Vitamin C

Some of you might be surprised to hear that Plan B (a brand), also known as the morning after pill is indeed not a multivitamin. I know, shocking! The frequency with which some are popping these $50 dollar pills is ALARMING. I’m fairly certain that the pill was made with the intention of being an *emergency contraceptive*. From what I’ve gathered, emergency now means a range of things to different people. Some of which include: premeditated plans to engage in protection free intercourse with the intent to rely on the morning after pill, resolve to put oneself at risk for pregnancy and STD’s because ya manz “doesn’t like condoms” and lastly determination to approach one’s personal health with reckless abandon.

If you engage in this behavior, please regard this as a Quit Notice.

Normally, one would be quick to blame the guys who more often than not pressure girls into not using proper contraception. But not today sis, it’s time to take responsibility. Today I’m here to drag you, girl(s). Needless to say, any guy that would put your personal health at risk for his own satisfaction clearly doesn’t care about you like that, so you can kill those dreams of walking down the aisle with him. Yes, the responsibility of protection from STD’s is on both parties but come on, we are each responsible for our own actions and lives. This guy that you’re risking it all for will most probably not be there to see you through whatever STD or reproductive problem you eventually face as a result of your recklessness. He will probably deny your baby and leave your ass for Jane too.

The problem is not that women do not know that it could be harmful to our reproductive systems, expose us to several diseases(some incurable), and is just fiscally irresponsible, we do. However, very often the exuberance of our youth sometimes makes us feel invincible. That “it can’t happen to me” feeling is one that many are all too familiar with. I mean who cares if you take 60 morning after pills a year, spending $3000 in total, scaling through with only a few curable STD’s? Who knows, your kind, sweet manz might even be the one paying or splitting the cost with you ( so thoughtful of him isn’t it). He’s already texted you “have you taken it” even though you only got in the Uber leaving his house 3 mins ago and couldn’t possibly have gotten to the pharmacy by now. And then he dutifully texts you a countdown till you confirm that you will not be making him a father. “Yo its been 48 hours, you gotta take it today”. So very responsible of him.

All is well until a couple of years down the line you’ve finally found da one, you marry him, settle down and now you’re trying to have kids. In the words of Gabrielle Union, “your ovaries start coughing up dust” and life just stares right back at you.

Okay that might have been extreme.

Dont quote me on saying you’ll be infertile if you continue playing your life like MMM. However, I did read an account of a woman who was a serial plan B eater. After taking the pill as usual, 2 weeks later she found that she was pregnant. She ended up having an ectopic pregnancy and had to have surgery. I don’t know what ended up happening with her but if the doctors had found that her fallopian tubes had been damaged as a result, then the possibility of her having a normal pregnancy in the future would be very slim. Infact, even without damage to her fallopian tubes, it is usually more difficult for women who have had ectopic pregnancies to conceive. The truth is we don’t know the extent of damage that pills like this can cause when they’re abused. I did a little research and I found that there have been some links to cancer and infertility but none of these claims have been fully substantiated. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist but if scientists did find that these claims were true, would these companies producing and making so much money off these pills want us to know it? Doubtful.

The point is this. Life is fragile, take care of yourself, even if not for yourself, but for your family and loved ones. No one is policing you and telling you not to do whatever it is that you want, but make wise decisions. Prioritize yourself and your safety at all times. Reproductive health is extremely important and in this day and age we are lucky to have a wealth of resources available to us. Take advantage of this. Visit your gynecologist regularly, get pap smears, get mammograms, drink water, take your vitamins, like actual vitamins and your older self will be thankful.

The motive is to let enjoyment be the only thing that can kill you, don’t play yourself and risk it all for Femi ACS that has already introduced his real girlfriend to his parents even though his friends keep calling you Iyawo.

Be safe out in these streets.


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